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Avoiding the IP Pandemic Pare Down: Don’t Exchange Short-Term Gain for Long-Term Pain

Oct. 28, 2020 |


During our current economic slowdown, most corporations are looking for ways to reduce costs. Unfortunately, one of the areas targeted for cost reduction at many brands is in the enforcement and management of their IP portfolio. While appealing to accountants, anyone involved with IP understands that short term thinking in IP portfolio management can create significant long term costs for your brand. In this session with Pamela Deese, Partner, Arent Fox, we will discuss why this is the wrong time to make significant changes to your IP management practices.  In this valuable session Pam will share:

  • Case studies of IP cost cutting gone awry 
  • Best practices in managing an IP portfolio when licensing
  • Ways to reduce enforcement and IP costs without putting your brand at risk

Everyone involved in licensing has a role in protecting and proactively managing Intellectual Property by reducing risks. No matter your role, you’re sure to pick up some valuable tips from Pam on how to secure your most important corporate asset – your brand.  Click here to register for this important session.

About Octane5:  Octane5 is the company behind BrandComply, the only enterprise licensing system that delivers actionable information from Contract to Consumer. All licensing functions – Approvals, Contract Management, Royalties, Security Devices and Consumer Activation – all in one online tool.  Learn more at Octane5.com 

About Arent Fox:  Arent Fox LLP is internationally recognized in core industries where business and the law intersect. With more than 450 lawyers and professionals, the firm provides strategic legal counsel and multidisciplinary solutions to a global roster of corporations, governments, and trade associations.  Learn more at Arentfox.com